Hi, I'm Jaap. Let me show you some of my work.

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I think design is at the heart of many things and at the center of many Venn diagrams. Between people's lives, physical places and construction engineering is architectural design. Between people's lives, information needs and communication technology is graphic design or web design or 3D design, and so on.

Design is not a visual layer we can pour over existing things. It is about understanding complex situations, inventing new solutions, embedding them in psychology, ensuring their technical feasibility, and organizing your capabilities and methods to push from conception to production, while maintaining the original intent of the project.


For over 25 years now, I have been active in video art. This involves 3D production, video editing, and sometimes live VeeJay-ing. The key advantage this has given me, is that I'm now very flexible with digital production methods, allowing for ambitious projects with tight deadline requirements.

One of the highlights for me was working with World Opera Lab, helping to produce visuals that were part of a beautiful musical performance.


I was born in Friesland in 1978. I lived in Costa Rica for a while and have been lucky enough to see much of the world. My two children and I now live in The Netherlands, Groningen, Warffum.


I enjoy my work and many other creative activities. I enjoy Kyokushin Karate. I enjoy computer games with friends. I also enjoy playing music in bands and orchestras.


Architectural design

My education as a construction engineer and an architectural designer gives me the opportunity to help people improve their living environment.

The fantastic people at Onix Architecten game me my first position as a designer. I learned a lot about topology and intention and style. This project was back in 2003, but I still like to show it off.


Smaller houses are the best kind of commission. One designer can guide the whole project, be in maximum contact with the client, even manage the construction process and really impact people's lives.


Sometimes you have a client who takes your 3D design and manages all realization themselves. It can be a very pleasant surprise when you enter a building you designed and everything is exactly like you thought. This client made a showroom and conference stage from my 3D designs.


The look and the feel of a project, if done well in a moody animation, can sometimes convince critical groups to move forward. This was part of a large city planning design with CMA+U.


Interiors are a lot of fun to do, especially when the client has a specific style they want to achieve. This design involved a renovation of an old city property into a classic craft beer place.


Over the years, I've done so many floor plans, that they have become pleasant puzzles. This is where the designer can help the client the most, using experience and insight to make the most of a specific situation.


Architecture shapes society. Here I was commissioned to help create a semi care home for a couple, on their son's property. We developed a simple minimal house, that safeguards the privacy of both homes, while also unlocking the care they can recieve from each other.


As is common in architecture, many plans never find their route to reality.


Concepts and communication

I believe in a designers' responsibility to always understand complex ideas and make them simple. Often enough a succesfull presentation bridges a gap between ideas, with all their possibilities, and a real-world execution, with many limitations. Keeping the essence, but becoming understandable by a general public.

new economy


app interface design






webdesign see startlers


helped launch many new businesses. the proces of understanding and positioning, comes together in a coherent web presence, usually along with business cards and other print media.


positioning a company is delicate work. usually a logo will go through many variations and explorations.


various interfaces we created over the years.


VR and 3D technology

Programming a game engine to work on virtual reality headsets has been one of my main interests.

This project was a historical visualization on a dig site. The location used to be a farmstead 1000 years ago. I worked with archeologists and historical building technique experts to recreate the surroundings at the actual location. Hundreds of people, including many school children, enjoyed experiencing a piece of history they could walk around in.


Another localized VR project I worked on, involved a resistance hide-out from WW2. From an old video, I recreated the hut and embedded the experience in a kind of game, where visitors on a guided tour of the location, had to find the actual hut.


VR can be used to prepare people and smooth the transition from an old situation to a newly renovated place. In this project, I was asked to design a workplace and coffee house for a special needs organisation. VR was used to let everyone get used to what the plans were, reducing anxiety and increasing enthusiasm.


Construction engineering

engineering intro





Renovation projects involve many steps, especially when they are for a group of clients. Then it becomes more of a team effort to guide the project. Here I did research, design, presentation, construction drawings, calculations, cost analysis, contract negotiations, and I was part of the actual build, and even the finishing touches of painting.


furniture and product design


I have done many engineering visualisation jobs outside my own field of construction engineering. Click here to see a demoreel.


Architectural Visualization

working together with architects, taking care to convey athmosphere, material properties, interior design, animation work.

modern urbanism in rural environment. apartments sharing a joint workspace. part of a municipality building permit presentation.


extension and remodeling of a large hospital complex. part of a large stakeholder presentation.


creative zone city planning design. developer presentation.


various buildings with different styles.